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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Here are some answers to often asked questions……

2. How much concrete my project will need??

3. Typical Slab –

4. To determine the approximate cubic yards needed, convert all measurements into feet, then multiply length x width x thickness and divide by 27.

5. Example: 30’ x 40’ x 4” pad would be -  30 x 40 x .33 = 396 / 27 = 14.67cy

6. The grade consistency is VERY important. If you’re off by even ½” the results could vary as much as two yards.

7. For example:  30’ x 40’ x 4.5” would require 16.89cy. Likewise, if your grade is uneven it will have the same effect.

8. What is the purpose of an admixture or additive??

9. Polyheed  aka water reducer – reduces water content needed, increases strength, improves durability to damage from freezing & thawing

10. Pozzutec  aka accelerator – increase the rate of early strength development & shorten set up time

11. Delvo  aka sleeper – delay’s set up time to enable farther hauling or more time for texturing, helps eliminate cold joints

12. Glenium aka superplasticizer - promotes flowing concrete that is easier to work, pump and finish, a water reducing agent that adds strength to the mix

13. Fiber Mesh – reinforces against shrinkage and cracking, abrasion and water migration

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